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Suppliers to the public, garden designers and landscapers.
Having supplied to gold award winning gardens for:
  • RHS Chelsea Flower Show
  • RHS Tatton Flower Show
  • RHS Chatwsorth Flower Show and
  • RHS Hampton Court Flower Show!

We have a wealth of experience having grown palm trees for our own garden for more than 17 years ourselves. As we say we dont just buy and sell tropicals we live, breathe and love them.

We specialize in the very best quality palm trees and also provide wonderful tropical plants including Musa Basjoos, Sikkimensis, Tree Ferns, Cannas, Gingers, Bamboo, Olive Trees and seeds to create that perfect tropical garden even when the weather say opposite.

Our trees and plants are loving grown by ourselves or hand picked, imported and nurtered by ourselves to ensure you receive the best quality product and our customer service is second to none.

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Ensete glaucum

Snow Banana

Sales price: £30.00

Ensete Maurelii

The Red Abyssinian Banana

Sales price: £5.40
Sales price: £20.00

Musa African Rhino Horn

Musa African Rhino Horn

Sales price: £13.00

Musa Apple Monzano

Musa Apple Monzano

Sales price: £20.00

Musa basjoo

Hardy Banana Plant

Sales price: £4.50

Musa Bordelon

Musa Bordelon

Sales price: £14.00

Musa dhussray

MUSA Dhussray

Sales price: £24.75

Musa Goldfinger

Musa Goldfinger

Sales price: £14.00

Musa Gros Michel

Musa Gros Michel

Sales price: £17.00

Musa Hajaray

Musa Hajaray

Sales price: £29.25

Musa Helen´s Hybrid

Musa Helen's Hybrid

Sales price: £12.00

Musa laterita Bronze

Musa Laterita Bronze

Sales price: £19.00

Musa Malbhog

Musa "Malbhog"

Sales price: £10.50

Musa Siam Ruby

Musa Siam Ruby

Sales price: £35.00

Musa Sikimensis "Red Tiger"

Musa "Red Tiger"

Sales price: £9.00

Musa Thomsonii

Musa thomsonii

Sales price: £13.50

Musa Truly Tiny

Musa Truly Tiny

Sales price: £19.00

Musella lasiocarpa

Musella lasiocarpa

Sales price: £22.50

Strelitzia augusta

Free UK delivery

Sales price: £607.50

Recent News

Recently we have had the pleasure of being involved in a couple of the Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarch programme on ITV. A wide range of our stock was used to create wonderful gardens including Blackpool Zoo. These included the Brahea armata, monley puzzles, Trachycarpus Fortunei and grapevines.

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Recent News1

Need some advice on what will work in your garden?

We have a wealth of knowledge of tropical plants to suit all soil types and areas. We have a tropical garden ourselves and have a passion for gardening as well as seeing our customers gardens flourish. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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