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Palm Trees


Jubaea Chilensis

Chilean wine palm
Product Image Product Name Price with VAT Quantity
jubaea.jpgJubaea Chilensis - Small
jubaea.jpgJubaea Chilensis -30- 40cm Trunk
jub1m.jpgJubaea Chilensis - 100cm Trunk
bigjubs.jpgJubaea Chilensis - Specimen sized
jubaea.jpgJubaea Chilensis -30- 40cm Trunk untrimed
Sales price £85.00

This palm is the jewel of feather palms.

Massive when mature with a trunk than can span 1.5m in diameter. Once seen never forgotten.

Grows very slowly and takes several years until the Jubaea starts getting its weight and size.

Even at 20 years old the palm is still relatively small.

Hardiest feather palm and will sail through normal UK winters.